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Guardianship is a relationship in which a court-appointed person or agency has the power to make decisions for an incapacitated person (the ward), because the ward is legally unable to make the decisions. If your loved one needs a guardian and has not previously designated one, the court will appoint one, either from your family or it will choose a professional organization. We can assist you in many different types of Guardianships. They include:

  • Guardianship for elderly persons: When the court determines an elderly person is incapacitated and no longer able to handle some or all of the tasks of daily life without assistance, the court will establish an adult guardianship. We assist in establishing the terms of this guardianship in advance. This ensures the guardian is someone you can trust. Your needs and preferences are communicated through this document.

  • Guardian advocacy for the developmentally disabled: In matters concerning developmentally disabled children, Florida provides a less restrictive alternative to guardianship called guardian advocacy. Guardian advocacy addresses the needs of the special needs child in a less restrictive fashion.

  • Defense against guardianship in appropriate circumstances: Sadly, there are some instances when a person will attempt to become a guardian for his or her own personal reasons, not in the best interests of the alleged incapacitated person. In these instances, we provide an aggressive defense against this form of exploitation.


We also represent guardians in ongoing guardianship proceedings. At Absolute Law Group, we assist with the financial reporting and other requirements to make sure you are complying completely with the statutory requirements of a guardian.

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