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Have you ever heard the term,"spend down" or "long-term care"? How about, "the state will take all of my money"? These words usually bring about confusion or fear and usually mean someone is recommending a long-term care nursing home for you or someone you love.

Absolute Law Group is here to help you navigate through these Medicaid challenges. Medicaid planning can easily be managed when you are working with our team of Medicaid experts. Each team member is highly skilled and knowledgeable with the requirements for the State of Florida Medicaid programs. But more importantly, is our compassion and empathy towards our clients who are going through a very difficult and confusing time.  This is what Absolute Law Group specializes in, which provides you, our client, with peace of mind knowing you have help to protect what you have worked so hard to earn.  

More About the Medicaid Program

Medicaid is an income and asset eligibility based program that can help your loved one pay for their cost of care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. As the cost of these facilities are extremely cost prohibitive, Medicaid pre planning is a critical component in exploring the legal vessels used to help with the following: 

  • Asset protection

  • Spousal income diversion

  • Health insurance

When used correctly, these tools can help your loved one preserve their legacy, maintain the lifestyle of the healthier spouse and place the focus back on the health and rehabilitation of your loved one. Call us today to explore your medicaid planning options and quickly gain much needed relief and peace of mind as we help you "Stay, one step ahead"! 

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