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Veteran Memorial Service

The Veterans Administration has funds that are available to help pay for long-term care, yet many families are not even aware that these benefits exist. Absolute Law Group is ready to assist our veterans and their surviving spouses apply for and qualify for Veteran’s Benefits through the Veterans Administration. VA Pension Benefits provide a monthly cash benefit to wartime veterans or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran with non-service-connected disabilities needing long-term care.

There are certain financial and medical criteria that must be met in order to qualify for the VA Pension benefits. In addition, planning for eligibility for VA Pension benefits is different from the planning required for Medicaid eligibility. Oftentimes, veterans will need to apply for and qualify for both programs. Because of the competing qualification requirements, it is important to work with a law firm that understands both programs and can prepare a long-term care plan that includes both VA Pension benefits and future Medicaid eligibility.

Time is critical for veterans and their surviving spouses. Absolute Law Group is ready to assist Veterans and their families with eligibility planning. Contact Absolute Law Group today to learn how you can become eligible for this valuable benefit.

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