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Incorporating Digital Assets into Your Estate Plan


In the digital age, your online presence—from social media accounts to online banking—constitutes valuable digital assets that need protection. Including these in your estate plan is crucial to ensure they are managed according to your wishes after you pass away.

Understanding Digital Assets

Digital assets encompass a broad range of online accounts and files including social media, email, financial accounts, and digital currencies. They hold both financial and sentimental value, making them essential to consider in estate planning.

Challenges of Managing Digital Assets

Legal and technical challenges complicate the inheritance of digital assets. Varying terms of service agreements and privacy laws can restrict access to these assets by heirs unless properly planned for.

Cataloging Your Digital Assets

Begin by creating a comprehensive inventory of all digital assets. Document usernames, passwords, and access information securely, keeping privacy and security in mind to protect against unauthorized access.

Incorporating Digital Assets into Your Will or Trust

Clearly specify how each digital asset should be handled in your will or trust. Appoint a digital executor with the technological know-how to manage and distribute these assets according to your wishes.

Special Considerations for Different Types of Digital Assets

Each type of digital asset requires specific considerations:

  • Social media accounts might be memorialized or deleted.

  • Online financial accounts need to have clear instructions for access or closure.

  • Digital currencies require secure transmission of keys and wallet information.

Using Digital Legacy Tools and Services

Utilize platform-specific tools like Google's Inactive Account Manager or Facebook’s Legacy Contact to manage your digital afterlife. Consider third-party services for a more comprehensive approach.

Updating Your Digital Estate Plan

Regular updates to your digital estate plan are essential as new assets are acquired and as digital platforms update their policies.


Properly including digital assets in your estate plan ensures your online legacy is handled as carefully as your physical one.

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